Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Hastings - 1854-Date - Rarity: 0


Cover Number: 392

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Destination:Very Rev. A Granger, Noter Dame IN
Cancel Date:04/06/1871
Notes:Father Granger was involved in the building of the Our Lady of Sacred Heart Church at Notre Dame.

See here for more details.

Cover Number: 51

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Destination:Miss Florence LeDuc, c/- Wells College, Aurora NY
Cancel Date:11/24/1873
Notes:An interesting cover to add to my article about Miss Florence LeDuc. It has postage due on it.

Cover Number: 111

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Destination:Miss LeDuc c/- Mr Merman L Rriggs
Cancel Date:08/25/1898
Notes:An interesting cover to Miss LeDuc from her mother in Hastings. Please see article.

Cover Number: 21

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Destination:H.L. Brockwell, Fargo ND
Cancel Date:07/29/1923
Notes:Has an interesting return address to a Letter Box number in Hastings MN

Cover Number: 170

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Destination:Happy Pet Products Inc, Cassopolis MI
Cancel Date:05/23/1968