Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Lake City - 1856-Date - Rarity: 0


Cover Number: 362

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Destination:R P Lewis Esq., St Paul MN
Cancel Date:11/14/1864
Notes:I'm guessing a little on the Cancel Date. I can't read it on the front, but on the back is written that it was received on Nov 16th 1864, so I'm guessing that it will have be sent two days before.

Cover Number: 60

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Destination:Mrs Alice M Styles, Southbury CN
Cancel Date:03/30/1870
Notes:This is probably from around 1870, but could have been from up to 1882. It is very hard to tell while the stamp is on the cover.

Cover Number: 37

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Destination:O H Haakenson, Aberdeen SD
Cancel Date:03/27/1938
Notes:From O H Haakenson, Variety Store in Lake City MN. Stamped Received on March 28 1938 in Aberdeen SD.

Cover Number: 134

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Destination:Lowe's Cat Calendar
Cancel Date:05/22/1979