Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Beaver Falls - 1867-1904 - Rarity: 5


Cover Number: 307

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Destination:A. R Mc Gill, Governor of Minnesota
Cancel Date:08/09/1888
Notes:A very interesting cover from Eric Ericson (Commissioner of Schools) to A. R. Mc Gill who was the Governor of Minnesota from 1887 to 1889. Mr Ericson writes on the front that "the Delegation is divided, but himself friendly and hopeful". Obviously interesting things happening at the time.

More information can be found at the Minnesota History Society

Cover Number: 402

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Destination:I M Keife Esq, Morton MN
Cancel Date:09/26/1891
Notes:Sent from the office of William W McGowan, Clerk of the District Court of Renville County