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Cover List: Mayville - 1895-1912 - Rarity: 4


Cover Number: 379

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Destination:Rev. F. W. Daberkow
Cancel Date:01/20/1899
Notes:Birth: Jun. 29, 1868
Death: May 28, 1929


Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Daberkow was born June 29, 1868 in Pomerania, Germany. His parents, with 4 small sons, came to New York by ship, and, on May 12, 1879, arrived at West Point, Nebraska by train with 27 dollars. Since they needed to earn money, his father hired out as a carpenter and the boys herded cows. In May of 1882, they were able to buy 80 acres at $5 an acre. He paid $100 down and built a dugout to live in. This homestead was about 6 miles southeast of Wisner, Nebraska.
Rev. F.W. Daberkow Family
Rev. F.W. Daberkow and Helena. L. to R.: Christian, Lydia, Helena, Dorothy.

Rev Daberkow and his family

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