Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Minneapolis - 1854-Date - Rarity: 0


Cover Number: 348

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Destination:Mr A M Lasson
Cancel Date:08/06/1906
Notes:Interesting cover with letter inside written in Swedish.

Cover Number: 2

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Destination:Dr A.E. Johnson, Los Angeles CA
Cancel Date:12/13/1913
Notes:1d Kangaroo from Launceston, Tasmania PPC via "Avontide", Longford to New York, N.Y. Forwarded to Chicago, IL then to Minneapolis, MN and then to Los Angeles, CA.

Cover Number: 497

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Destination:Theo Ruth, Doylestown PA
Cancel Date:06/19/1928
Notes:Minnehaha Falls and Stone Arch Bridge. This was given to me by my good friend Mario Nardi.

Cover Number: 364

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Destination:Mr Phillip Garcis
Cancel Date:08/22/1929
Notes:Wonderful philatelic cover from the 1929 Philatelic Exhibition in Minneapolis.

Cover Number: 481

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Destination:AL Ness, Minneapolis MN
Cancel Date:03/09/1935
Notes:Formal Opening of the United States Post Office in Minneapolis.

Cover Number: 357

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Destination:Zinda Mkt, Stevens Point Wisc
Cancel Date:06/30/1941
Notes:This is special cover that my good friend David Teisler gave me. Nice MN corner card, offset of reverse, machine cancel and very importantly, a tied Minnesota Seal.

Cover Number: 306

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Destination:C. Alfred Bergsten, Minneapolis MN
Cancel Date:03/31/1943
Notes:A letter from one attorney to another. It is a nice example of a #2 cancelation from Minneapolis PO.

Cover Number: 29

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Destination:Mr Kramer, (3rd base-Y.Am. Team), Young America, Minnesota
Cancel Date:12/25/1946
Notes:Includes Christmas Seal on the back.

Cover Number: 42

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Destination:Mr Ralph L Miller, Fargo ND
Cancel Date:02/01/1956
Notes:From Becken Stamp & Coin Shop