Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Owatonna - 1855-Date - Rarity: 0


Cover Number: 296

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Destination:Rev Francis Ellingwood Abbot
Cancel Date:01/30/1861
Notes:Francis Ellingwood Abbot
Born: November 6th, 1836
Died: October 23, 1903 (aged 66) in Beverly MA

Was an American philosopher and theologian who sought to reconstruct theology in accord with scientific method.

See the Wikipedia writeup on his life.

Cover Number: 46

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Destination:Harvey Reid, Care of A.C.S 2:Bri 3:Div 20th Army
Cancel Date:08/02/1868
Notes:I bought this at the Boxborough show this year (2014). The dealer thought it was a Scott#94 and he placed the date Aug 2nd (1868-70), but he also thought that it had been opened in 1855, which would make it much earlier. When I showed it to David (AMSD) he thought that is was earlier than a #94 and would have been during the Civil War because after the Civil War the Northern Army where not at a Division strength, and this is addressed to Harvey Reid in the 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Division.

Cover Number: 196

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Destination:Tidy Cat, Cassopolis MI
Cancel Date:12/17/1968