Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Red Wing - 1850-1895 - Rarity: 2


Cover Number: 393

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Destination:Miss Jennie Stowell, Hastings MN
Cancel Date:06/16/1860
Notes:Miss Stowell was married to Capt. O. H. Lagrange, of Company B, "Ripon Rufles" on July 14 1861, the day before his regiment left for Virginia.

Cover Number: 57

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Destination:H.J. O'Neill Grain Co, Winona, Minn
Cancel Date:09/23/1893
Notes:An interesting cover that seems to have been stamped at 7:30pm on Sept 23, 1893. The receiving stamp on the back looks like 7:00am the next morning.

Cover Number: 438

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Destination:Mrs Gjirtina Ryan, Hillmar MN
Cancel Date:11/01/1895
Notes:Govt Postal Card #UX12. Mailed twice from Red Wing MN: Nov & Dec 1895. Duplex cancels.