Minnesota Post Offices With Covers

Cover List: Crookston - 1872-Date - Rarity: 0


Cover Number: 359

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Destination:L Bernick Esq, Chatfield MN -> Marshfield Vermont
Cancel Date:07/09/1884
Notes:An interesting cover, originally cancelled on 07/09/1884 from Crookston MN, received in Chatfield on 07/12/1884 and was forwarded to Marshfield VT with a receiving cancel of 07/15/1884. I find it amazing that they could get a letter from Chatfield MN to Marshfield VT in 3 days in 1884

Cover Number: 88

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Destination:Mr C.B. Yale, Claim Agent G. N. Ry St. Paul
Cancel Date:10/02/1893
Notes:Includes a nice Receipt Cancel in St. Paul dated 10/03/1893

Cover Number: 13

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Destination:Mr & Mrs Thomas Reiersgord
Cancel Date:07/08/1977
Notes:From B. Reiersgord in Crookston, MN